Meet our Creative Director

Stephanie Jolluck is a designer and social entrepreneur who has always been fascinated by indigenous cultures. As a lover of ethnographic art and handicrafts, she enjoys shopping markets around the world. These explorations continue to have a huge impact on her distinctive designs and products. In 1999, she founded her award-winning line Coleccion Luna. For the past 19 years she has worked directly with the Maya Indians and cooperatives in the Guatemalan highlands on her line of accessories created from reclaimed indigenous clothing using Fair Trade practices as well as curating a unique collection of traditional antique indigenous jewelry and folk art.

In Style Magazine & IHDA “most socially
responsible independenthandbag designer”
SPANX “Leg Up Female

Entrepreneur Award” Winner
Stephanie Jolluck and her "Maya Momma" Justina from Patzun
Stephanie and her “Maya Momma” Justina from Patzun
Guatemalan Kimono Created from Vintage Ikat Indigo Corte/Skirt with my Maya partners in Chichicastenango
Stephanie Jolluck with Lidia Aguarre, Maya Partner and Friend of 20 years
Colors and textiles of Guatemala
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